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Galen Myotherapy ®and Red Light (Photizo®) therapy

Your dog’s welfare is fundamental to how I work and at the very core of my choices of education providers.  
Throughout the treatment session your dog always has a choice, should they need time to think about what is happening, or are experiencing a little discomfort, they are given the time required to process.  No restraints are ever used, treatment takes place at ground level and you, the owner, will be included and given clear information to help with your dog’s treatment plan.

My therapy room is based in Fenwick, KA3 but if you would prefer me to provide treatment in your home, please contact me and we can discuss this.

Initial Consultation and treatment         up to 90 mins

Once veterinary consent has been received I shall send you a consent form and questionnaire by email to complete prior to your appointment.  During this appointment we shall discuss your concerns, and you will learn some simple techniques that you can use in between sessions.  Helpful lifestyle adaptations and exercises will be given, but these shall also be provided in your personal plan.

 It can be helpful if you can also send some photos and video clips prior to your first visit.  However, this is often an extremely good gauge for yourself as to how effective the myotherapy sessions have been.

Subsequent Treatments                                up to 60 mins

Follow up appointments are usually booked between 7-10 days following the initial consultation. 

Maintenance Treatments                             up to 60 mins

Most dogs benefit from a monthly maintenance treatment and this can be discussed prior to an appointment being made.  However, veterinary consent is still required.  You can advise your vet that you want to undertake maintenance Galen Myotherapy treatments for your dog.

Prices Available on Request.  Galen Myotherapy Treatment may be covered under your pets insurance policy.


Veterinary consent is required prior to treatment, in order to comply with the  Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962 this includes all kinds of manipulative therapy, including myotherapy .  Vet consent is normally free from your own veterinarian.

Nutritional Information Reports            

We have an intial meeting (in KA3 treatment room or via Zoom) where I will find out about your dog, what you feed, their lifestyle and what you would like to achieve.  I will send you an individualised nutritional information report for your dog in the hope that you take this information and help your dogs gut microbiome.

I hope to offer additional services in the near future, and many more in the coming 18 months.

Galen Myotherapy®

Galen Myotherapy - a  highly specialised manual therapy using targeted massage techniques to treat soft tissue and muscular issues.  This therapy can help improve muscle function, help manage chronic pain and many other conditions; all at floor level and working with your dog to build a trusting relationship.  
Vet consent is required under The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962.

Red Light Therapy via Photizo device

This treatment uses a Photobiomodulation (PBM) device, that uses red and near infrared light to help accelerate the natural healing processes of the body.  
Conditions it can help with include arthritis, pain relief, post-operative care and skin conditions.

Nutritional Information Reports

I offer you the chance to find out more about foods that can help your dog live their lives to their fullest.

Other services coming soon

I strive to continually improve myself and the complementary therapies that I can offer your animals.

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